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When to cut the cord

For those who know me on a personal level, they know I am good at keeping peace, and maintaining good relationships with others. Although at times, the negative energy that was emitted from such relationship was intolerable. However, for the sake of a harmonious working, friendly, or a family peaceful environment I played the ‘devil’s advocate role with empathy’ by understanding all sides in the relationship, and provided solutions as needed to mend the differences. But, as most of you would agree, at times we need to break from such relationship and cut the cord.

At occasions, you must fire an employee, unfriend who you thought was a good friend, and breakout with whom we thought was a sincere family member.

Regardless of the circumstance, when you cut the cord, never, never, never turn back and mend that relationship. Yes, there is “forgive, but, never forget,” but, there is also, “your best friend is your worst enemy.” And “the damage is already done”.

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