Let us declare war by waving the olive branch for peace

By: Abraham Khoureis, Ph.D.

Let us declare war by waving the olive branch for peace

Proudly the president of the great nation on earth announced in his flamboyant Hollywood reality TV style that his meeting with the top military generals is the “calm before the storm.” And as usual, big words from a big man with big hands, and a dynasty that may last for generations if his aim of dominance succeed. The President is a smart charming man, and with the presidency attached to his name, he knows exactly how to manipulate people of all facets of professions, creed, and types. With his remark, most, of not all of us were left blinded of what is going to happen next? Aren’t the wars in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, and the upcoming wars (using ISIS) in the Philippines and Burma enough? What kind of storm is he imagining? Maria, Irma, or Nate? Of course, none of the above. He doesn’t believe in global warming and its effects.

So, what is going to happen?

Simply, a real war against Iran while containing North Korea. What? Yes, very possible!

The players, the U.S., Saudi Arabia, small, yet rich Arab Emirates, and logistically supported by Jordan and Israel against Iran, Syria, Lebanon, and Yemen. In Lebanon the country is divided. There is a sizable number of Lebanese will side with Trump and his ambition, while the powerful semi-army Hizballah in that country will fight against the Western dominance of their country.

What’s the goal of the war?

The goal of the war is to destroy the last remaining Arab and Islamic resistance (Hizballah, Syria, Iran) against Western dominance of the resources of the Middle East. And while at it, dividing the remaining Arab countries into small ethnic religious and national minorities; so, Israel could survive for the next 100 years in a divided Arab world fighting itself.

The same was done 100 years ago. While the people of the Middle East lived in poverty, misery, and despair, we prospered and advanced. The funny, but sad thing is, we installed dictator governments over these people: in one they forbade women to drive for over 70 years, while in others, they can’t vote, the best one was of how we helped establish ISIS and its Islamic Caliphate, then, went to destroy it, while lifting its leaders from the battle fields, as just happened in Howijah, Iraq, and other areas.

The war plans have been mapped and withdrawn, awaiting the declaration “decision” of war.

What do we expect?

Destruction of the lives, properties and infrastructures of innocent people in the Middle East.

Informed and objective analysts predict and fear that: because of the war, an overthrow of the Saudi regime will occur; the small Arab emirates will vanish; and a victorious Iran, which may lead to the full exit of the U.S. from the Middle East, with Russian full dominance and China’s full control of the resources in Sudan and South Sudan.

What should we do?

The U.S. does not need another war. The country is bankrupt already and finding foreign resources to balance the books would not work this time. Iran is a strong foe. Clever in negotiations as well in conducting real proxy wars with powerful players.

What can the President do?

Play dumb and make the decision. Or, be smart and extend the olive branch with power, with force; with honor; and sincere commitment to heal the Palestinian wounds and the lengthy crimes committed against the Palestinian people. Iran will fold, and the dominance will continue.

Otherwise, arrogance is the cause of the demise of the fools.