Breathe My Child and Stay Alive

 Breathe My Child and Stay Alive

by Abraham Khoureis, Ph.D., M.A.

Keep your eyes open my daughter. And please forgive me if in your presence in shame, guilt and sorrow I bow my head and wipe the dust off your forehead.

What fault have you done for them to bomb your home, murder your parents and butcher you like that?

Keep your eyes open my child and be a witness to their crime.

Is it because you are a Yemeni poor girl, or because underneath your land is your tremendous wealth, and they are trying to steal it before you heal, stand, and rise up?

Is it because your name is A’esha? Fatima? Zeinab, and, Rabab?

Forgive them my child because you are not Semite enough and your surname does not end with Goldberg, Rabinowitz, Fienberg, Gottfried, Mallinger, Stein, Rosenthal, Simon, Younger, Khashoggi and Wax. May all rest in peace. Perhaps, if you were, Forbes magazine would have described your own suffering and your brother’s murder as crimes against humanity and violation of human rights.

Oh, my child, you are on your own in an unjust world that sentences the victims and honors the ones who committed the crimes.

Please keep your eyes open my child, breathe and stay alive.

Update: The following day after the publishing of this post, Amal passed away.

A Yemeni girl