Five things I am thankful for:  ❤️🙊🙉🙈🙏

Five things I am thankful for: ❤️🙊🙉🙈🙏

by Abraham Khoureis, Ph.D., M.A.

In this particular day of Thanksgiving, I am thankful for five things in my life: ❤️🙊🙉🙈🙏


❤️ love, 

🙉 silence, 

🙉 listening, 

🙈 objectivity, and,

🙏 prayers.

❤️ Love: I am thankful for the existence of love in my life: the one I receive or give, is equally important.

🙊 Silence: when I silence myself, I am forced to reflect. And when I reflect, I process the environments of my inner and external existence, which may lead to change and improvement of my inner and outer selves.

🙉 Listening: I am grateful that I am a listener. This ability wasn’t developed overnight, but, with practice. Listening invites me to hear the feedback and advices of others. Listening allows me to hear my environment.

🙈 Objectivity: Being objective helps me to remove all biases retained from the experiences with others. I am a color blind when it comes to race, religion, gender, social status, sexual orientation, etc. I am grateful that I see all people equally, and I extend them the same due respect. The favorite one to me is the one who helps others.

🙏 My prayers: It is no secret that I am a believer in Almighty God. And my soul connects to His Soul through my daily prayers. I am grateful and thankful that I am spiritual and I see the existence of God in His Creation, especially, the marvelous creation of the Human-being.

In addition, I am grateful and blessed for the great people around me: family, friends, colleagues and clients. And, the continuing improvement of my health. “Health is wealth”. As without a decent health, my quality of life will diminish to non-existence.

I am thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving Day!