A Black Woman Will Become A President of the United States

A Black Woman Will Become A President of the United States

The power of the Deep State has determined Trump has no chance of reelection and winning the U.S. presidency again. The damage his actions and behaviors caused to the establishment cracked the foundation of the “Institution of governance”. All the drama of the upcoming Republican and Democratic Conventions, votes and counting of delegates will all serve as a social drama of a democratic system underway. 

It is determined, agreed upon and sealed. Biden is the next President of the United States of America.

Now, in the Biden’s camp, there is a debate of whether Karen Bass, Kamala Harris or Susan Rice will be chosen as a candidate for a Vice President. Rice is Biden’s meek choice of convenience as Harris is too outspoken, strong and harsh for Biden to handle. And Bass lacks the supporting base. Biden has the choice to select and he will do soon.

The other scenario, expect a black woman to serve until the end of Biden’s term as a President. To the Hierarchy, the ‘hope’ is that: Biden due to health or mental difficulties will relinquish power to his VP,  thus, a black woman becomes a U.S. President. This way, the community rejoice and the belief in the American system and dream is reinstated.

Trump’s one-term presidency will be washed out as a fluke of the democratic system and the American saga continues.

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