Does Your FICO® Scores Matter?

Does Your FICO® Scores Matter?

The higher your credit score is the better are your chances of receiving better financial deals from banks and financial institutions. But, how do you maintain your high score? In this post, I will share with you the steps needed to maintain a high credit score and increase or decrease it at your own wish and desire.

1) Be aware, impulsive-buy is the primary cause of why people get in debts.

2) Keep your expenses inline with your income. Do not stretch your expenses if you can’t afford the purchases.

3) Purchase only what you need and as needed.

4) Keep your credit inquiries to a minimum or none, if possible. And keep a distant time between each credit request.

5) Pay your credit balance on time and in full, if possible. This step is important as your credit score fluctuates with each inquiry and payment made.

6) Review your credit file on a regular basis and have each credit bureau notification on. Subscribe to one of the three bureaus for this service.

7) To avoid closing your opened credit cards, use all your opened accounts once every 45 days.

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