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We did it. Successful 2nd Symposium

We did it.

Whatever description someone may give the success of our 2nd Virtual Global Thought Leader Symposium, we will come short of and wouldn’t give the conversation its true appreciation. You had to be there to feel it and experience its transforming power.

Was it engaging? Yes. Was it informative, insightful and educational? Yes. How about joyful, authentic and genuine? Yes, Yes, Yes. So, come on Dr. Abe, what made it special? Many organizations and people organize events, so what the hype is all about? Simply, it was spiritually guided and executed — and that you cannot duplicate or fake. Congratulations to all.

Thank you to our talented panelists for your team effort, insightful guidance, insightful views, and authenticity in producing memorable moments while uplifting others. Thank Dr. Dave Ulrich, President Krista Newkirk, Brenda Bence, Ranked Top Ten Coach Globally Dr. Oleg Konovalov Abir El Shaban Bruce Rosenstein, and Alaina Love.

Here, I share the image of the symposium. The recording will be released in due time.

Thank you to our audience too: John Spence, Larry Robertson Dave Jennings Leo Bottary Dr. Avisha Sadeghinejad Shiyen Shu, Msc.OT, H.BSc, PMP, CYT and the many others.

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