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A Moment of Reflection

A Moment of Reflection

A Moment of Reflection

Yes, that is me watching the golden sun as it sets into a new day. I was in a state of honest moments of reflection appreciating the sun’s magnificent beauty, while telepathically communicating with its Maker seeking His guidance, enlightenment and inspiration for new path and way.

I realized, I don’t want to become a cardinal, rabbi, guru, monk or imam. I belong to none as these names and titles were made by society to separate us into the tribes of Cain and Able. Becoming the likes of Able is my internal manifested wish challenged by the outcome of Cain’s plans and evil desires.

As I share with you my private desired wish and ultimate source of power, with all my fortune in life, there is always a reminder that I am mortal. And that all I worked hard to achieve and accumulate, one day, involuntarily will be enjoyed by someone else.

Since I know I have to answer for my own deeds. The new path I am seeking is a path of balanced “give and receive.” What does that mean?

Well, I want you to think and reflect. Think of your daily activities. Is it consumed by how to gain knowledge and accumulate wealth? If so,

1) People who will engage you and help lift you up. Those people shower them with love and respect. And reciprocate their merciful engagement in kind.

2) Then, there are people who will drag you down in every chance they have whether by words or action. Those people who I describe as people with “crab-mentality,” block them out of your life and never entertain them back again.

Simply, before it is too late, have your moment, reflect and see the light.

What say you?


About the author: Dr. Abraham Khoureis is a multi-talented thought leader who stimulates his readers’ thinking by providing them with thoughts that challenge their status quo. He utilizes his writing to advocate for positive social change.

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