In celebrating the birth of Jesus, let us honor the life of Muhammad

The silent debate on the real birth date of Jesus “Christ” goes on. While the majority Christians (catholics) and significant others celebrate his birthday on the 25th day of December of each year, the Christians (orthodox) celebrate his honorable birth on the 6th day of January of each year, year after year. Although, the historical claims point that his real birthday was in mid of June of the year.

Regardless of the date of Jesus’ remarkable birth, it is worthy to note that Jesus, the son of the holy Mary was born miraculously through the Will of God, Almighty. And he is loved, honored, and adored by billions of people from all creeds, races and religious backgrounds.

While Christians in general with their multiple sects take the presence of the honorable Jesus as their ultimate cry for human salvation, there a little known fact about the religion of Islam who makes believing, respecting, and honoring Jesus and his mother Mary as an article of its faith.

No Muslim could be truly called a Muslim without believing in Jesus Christ, his miracle birth, and pristine prophethood. We should not be surprised to know that the place of Jesus and Mary in Islam is of honor, dignity and respect.

But, why is that? And how did that happened?

Glory be to God, and honor and respect to a man called, Prophet Muhammad.

Prophet Muhammad through his heavenly revealed teachings made it incumbent upon his followers, the Muslims, to believe in Jesus. Making Muhammad the only man in history that was able to witness to others on a large scale the message of Jesus Christ through his prophetic teachings.

Throughout its history, the Christian church(es) spent billions of its members-donated money to spread the message of Jesus Christ and at best, none of its hierarchy, be it a pope, bishop, priest, or deacon, none individuality can factually state, or truly claim that he or (she) succeeded in placing Jesus in the hearts of millions of people. NONE. Only one man, Muhammad can proudly claim that he individually brought Jesus into the hearts of billions of people. As a matter of fact, in today’s world, 1.8 billion Muslims believe in the prophetic message of Jesus, they love him and respect him, and have honored his mother, Mary.

It is surprising of why to date Christian church(es) have not officially acknowledged this fact and honored prophet Muhammad in a sainthood for his remarkable deeds.

In this peace deprived world, in celebrating the birth of Jesus, let us bravely honor the life of Muhammad. And that is the sweetest gift we can give his brother Jesus in Christmas Day.