Understanding Empathy & Practicing Compassion

Understanding Empathy & Practicing Compassion

by Abraham Khoureis, Ph.D., M.A.

Leading with empathy is the key to any successful leader. Empathy simply is stepping in the shoes of others. Becoming them. Understanding their plights. Sharing their feelings; and providing solutions from a third-party perspective.

To be a great leader, a great teacher, a super father, a great mother, a remarkable wife, a fantastic friend, a decent and effective president; or, to gain or regain your potential as a wonderful human being, just practice “sincere empathy” in your environment. And your success is guaranteed.

The question is: do we have to be trained in empathy before we master it?

Obviously, for some, a big YES!

But, empathy without sincere compassion is a fake practice that could be caught, felt, and may not appreciated.

Empathy is defined as the ability to share the feelings of other individuals: be in their shoes.

While #Compassion is defined as the understanding and feeling of the sufferings and concerns of others.

Few leaders understand that “genuine compassion” is a prerequisite before practicing #empathy — Pretend to be #empathetic, and it will show.

About the Author: Dr. Abraham Khoureis is a “Humanist-believer” who utilizes his writing to advocate for social justice and change. Follow his blog at DrAbeKhoureis.com for the latest posts and articles.

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