University of Redlands — VIP Homecoming Day

University of Redlands — VIP Homecoming Day

I had the pleasure to spend the rest of today’s afternoon at the beautiful campus of the University of Redlands. Esteemed Dean Tom Horan and his vibrant team welcomed in their VIP Tent hundreds of U of R returning #Alumni and their family guests. It was my pleasure to give a short speech about the U of R’s Mentorship Program.

It was great seeing you Krissyvan Truong, Ph.D., (pictured), Christine Taitano (pictured), Allison Fraiberg, Pamela Allen, MBA, and Jennifer Guzman.

We missed the esteemed G. Keith Roberts, Dr. Sean McHenry, Dr. Shindale Seale, Thomas Huls, M.A., Thomas LeMasters, MBA.

Thank you for a great and pleasant day.

#mentorship #leadership #VIP

Christine and I

Krissy, Christine, and IDean Horan Welcomes AlumniPam and Dean Tom