The tragic death of Kobe Bryant

The Tragic Death of Kobe Bryant

The best way to remind ourselves to be humble is to always be reminded of our early demise.

Kobe, 41, and company are too beautiful to die. Too rich to perish and too talented to be wasted.

According to those who knew him, Kobe had a beautiful soul, was a wonderful human being, and surely, will be missed.

Kobe’s sudden death teaches us the followings:

Money and wealth can’t make you in a better health or bring you back from the other side.

Fame is a temporary experience enjoy it as it lasts.

Legacy is established in our lifetime and manifests itself after our demise.

We (collectively) appreciate the dead ones and despise the livings.

Don’t let only death remind you to be humble, kind, and a modest tool in serving others.

Begin today. Your legacy begins as you genuinely serve others.

Rest In Peace, Kobe…

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