Book Review: ‘You’ve Got This!: …

Book Review: ‘You’ve Got This!: The life changing power of trusting yourself.’

In writing this book, author Margie Warrell continues her tradition of writing books that inspire, uplift and encourage. In this book, Margie encourages her readers to be brave. She uplifts them to improve and better themselves. She tells her readers change is your destiny to be the best you can be.

Many great insights and advices Margie shares with her readers in this book. Two direct messages in particular stand out:

To women: the message is loud and clear, don’t sell yourself short. Claim your presence in the crowd and effectively occupy your own space. This is your moment. Trust yourself. Be brave. Be a leader.

To Men, the message is simple: it is okay to be vulnerable. It’s okay to be the best you can be and seek help if you need it. Be vulnerable. Be courageous. Be a leader.

She encourages her readers by empathetically asking them to: Stop Playing Safe: Rethink Risk. Be brave. Find your courage. Conquer your fear. And make your mark.

Margie’s new book, You’ve got this!’… is an uplifting book you gotta read. It is daring, brave, informative, influencing, and direct. Search and order it on Amazon, you will be glad you did.

I recommend this book.