Online Education Is ‘An Innovation’ And Should Become A Must

Online Education Is A Must

Since I informed you few months ago, I actively participated in two virtual learning programs with Harvard Business School Harvard Business School Online. Today, and one week apart, I was informed by the folks at Harvard that I successfully completed those two educational programs: Entrepreneurship Essentials (EE) and Sustainable Business Strategy (SBS).

My intention to participate in EE Program was to gain insights, which I will share with my readers. What I gained however goes beyond my intended contribution of a remarkable insight for a magazine article. I learned that an entrepreneur’s passion aligned with a purpose is the key to the success of any business venture.

In the SBS program, I gained deep ‘Harvard quality’ insights on how purpose-driven leaders make an impact on their environments, society, and nation.

Without the innovation of online and web-based technology, gaining these insights would have been physically impossible.

With coronavirus concerns, I and my students at University of Redlands are moving our campus-based class into an online format, and we are excited about it.

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