Don’t lose hope

Don’t lose hope

I know you feel it in your heart and sense it in your whole being. Your dreams are dashing away. The rays of hope are dimming within. Your leadership is toxic and incompetent. But, because of your dignity in protecting the name of the office, you silence your objection in pain. Your food supplies are vanishing and no funds to replace them. There is an internal pain and no physical gain.

“Do I beg, or steal?” You inquired.

Many thoughts are going through your mind. I don’t know where to begin. April 12 is around the corner. On April 10, our property taxes will default and the bank is gleeful standing few steps away. On July 15, our taxes are due. Oh gosh, the stimulus payment was spent the following day. The value of the dollar dropped, and I have no yuan to trade on Wall Street in commodities and stocks. Many timelines will come and go. As our timelines are extended, I feel my life became dispensable and is fading away.

Is there hope?

Is there hope? You inquire as you wander right and shèng xià.

China did it to us. I tell myself, as I start the blame game.

No. It is not China. It is the Japanese avenging Hiroshima with another Pearl Harbor day. No. It is not the Japanese. It is the God of the Muslims avenging the travel ban and 90 years of murder and despair. No. No, it is not the God of the Muslims. It is our God punishing us for staying away. No. It is not our God. It is us for selfishly closing the borders in the face of our poor neighbors and turning them away. No. It is not our poor neighbors. It is the honorable people who built our country after we enslaved them and enriched our elites from their hard labor while today the majority of their ancestors live in despair. No. It is not them. It is the spirits of Sitting Bull, Geronimo, Tecumseh, Cochise, Pontiac, and Powhatan came back to avenge the murder of their people and claim back the land and air. No. It is not the spirits of the native Chiefs. It is not our fault of what our ancestors did. It is none of the above. It is us. It is me, it is you and we for allowing toxic leaders to rule the earth night and day.

Don’t lose hope, healing is within inches as you call on your Thee. Be kind. The change happens from within as you promise to begin.