My Interview with COVID-19

Interviewed by: Dr. Abe Khoureis

Guest: Covid-19

Image: Covid-19. Source: CDC

This is what needed to know about Coronavirus – COVID-19, so we can save our life and the lives of our loved ones. Provided to you in an interview format. 8 minutes read. Please share.

Question – Dr. Abraham: Thank you COVID-19 for allowing me to interview you. Would you please introduce yourself to my readers?

Answer – Mr. COVID-19: Welcome Dr. Abraham. Please call me, COVID, and you are welcome. My name is Corona Virus Disease and for short, scientifically, I am called, COVID-19, the number 19 references the year in which I was discovered in. I am considered an RNA virus and can’t be seen with the naked eye or through an optical microscope.

Dr. Abe: Thank you. You are mysterious, and deadly. For simplicity sake, I will refer to you as COVID.

Q-Dr. Abe: Where are you from, COVID? Let me strike that. It is politically incorrect to ask you that. I meant where were you born?

A-COVID: I was born in a mysterious place. But, I can share with you I was discovered in Wuhan, China, in late November, early December 2019.

Q- Are you a new discovery, or you have been here before?

A- I am new. My make-up and composition are new. I am the smallest and fastest of them all. But, my cousins are the late SARS (Beijing, China, 2002), and MERS (Middle East, 2012).

Q- So, you have a family history?

A- I am a virus. I come from a large family of viruses as I just informed you, SARS and MERS are my cousins.

Q- Are you a living-being? How do you function?

A- No. I am not a living-being or a living-thing. Since I am a virus, my form of RNA can’t replicate on its own. So, I need to invade a living organism to replicate. That is why I love careless people, the ones who don’t wash their hands with soap and warm water. Because in a living person, I can replicate and thrive. My kind of viruses spread quickly and multiply. Let me put it this way. If I enter a living person with a bad hygiene, within 24 hours, I can multiply and reproduce millions of COVIDs just like me and even more younger and faster.

We don’t live outside a living-being. If we are left outside a living-being, we die after few hours or several days, 10 to 20 days, the most.

We can easily create havoc and cause illness in humans and animals. My Modus operandi (MO) is to cause respiratory infections ranging from the common cold to a full respiratory failure, leading to death.

Q- Oh my, … Well, let me ask you this. Who is your favorite type of a living-being?

A- My favorite human being is the filthiest of you all. The unclean. The careless persons that don’t wash their hands. The ones that keep close to each other and sneeze without covering their mouths. The ones that socialize when they know their distance is the remedy to kill me.

In crowds, I transfer from one living-person to the other. Also, sadly, the weakest and most vulnerable amongst you: the elderly and sick people. They are my target because their immune system is weak . Most of you neglect your elders, so I come and kill them. Now, you know my secret of how you can kill me.

Q- Without hesitation, although I believe in “thou shall not kill.” Tell me COVID, how can we kill thee?

A- In the right environment, you can’t kill me. I can regenerate. But, if you want to save your life and eliminate my presence from your own environment and surroundings, then, you can do numerous essential and important steps. In this pandemic, which your human race is facing, on a temporary basis until you get rid of me you must do the following:

1) Stay home and keep physical distance, minimum of eight-feet (8 feet) between each other.

2) Maintain your personal hygiene. Wash your hands with soap and warm water frequently and repeatedly for a minimum of 20 seconds.

3) Avoid crowds.

4) Home-ventilation is important and necessary. Keep your windows open for fresh air.

5) In a hot environment, I may become paralyzed. So, make sure the sun visits your environment on a daily basis.

6) If you sneeze or cough, cover your mouth with a tissue paper, piece of cloth, or your dressed elbow.

7) Since I can survive outside the living-being for days, frequently wipe and clean everything you touch — tables, door handles, chairs, surfaces, your phone, your computer keyboard and screen.

8) Gargle with salt and warm water. Or, Apple Cider with lemon and ginger.

9) Wear gloves and masks when contacting another living-being.

10) When you go grocery shopping, and return home, wash in warm water all your food cans you purchased, and then wash your hands again.

11) If you need to go out of your home, wear a face mask and gloves. Remove them as you get home, and wash your hands immediately.

Q- I can’t believe I am going to tell you this, COVID, you have just enlightened me on how to deal with you. May I ask you some technical questions?

A- Sure.

Q- In one of the answers above you said, your MO is and I quote, “to cause respiratory infections ranging from the common cold to a full respiratory failure, leading to death.” — the reason for this interview with you is to help my readers and people in general not to get sick, or die. The question is: how do you get inside the lungs and the respiratory system?

A- Since my goal is to attack the lungs (respiratory system), and destroy it, these three entries are my entry of choice:

1) Mouth:

When people cough or sneeze around you and within a short distance, you may pick up some of these tiny droplets, and I am in one of them heading through your mouth and into your lungs.

Solution: Wear A mask. When you cough cover your mouth and keep 8 feet away.

2) Nose:

Same as above.

Solution: Keep your distance. Wear a mask, so when you or others sneeze your mouth is covered and no infection is spread. The Japanese believe I am an airborne, and since I am very transparent and blunt with you, the Japanese are correct. Keep your distance and avoid walking into the conversation path after it ends.

3) Eyes:

Solution: Since the eyes are wet, I love to stay in wet areas. I survive there and thrive, awaiting you to touch your eyes and then transferring me voluntarily into your mouth and nose deep into your lungs. So, be careful. Wash your hands with warm water regularly, and do not touch your eyes under any circumstances, until you are certain your eyes and hands are washed with soap and warm water. In case your eyes teared up, wipe your tears and wash your hands and eyes immediately.

Q- How do I know if you entered my lungs, or I became infected?

A- By starting to have fever, dry cough, fatigue, exhaustion, losing your senses of smell or touch. And becoming disoriented.

Q- Thank you for being honest. Let us keep it this way. Is there a vaccine to heal our humanity from you?

A- Look Far East where I was discovered in China. My genetic composition was mapped by the Chinese, and it seems they were able to control my ability to multiply and infect others. So, follow their foot steps and take what the Chinese are taking. And, encourage your government to collaborate with all nations, including the Chinese for a common goal of healing humanity. If it worked for the Chinese, it may work for you and your readers.

Q- Thank you for yours patience. One last and serious question. Many of us are interested to know if you were created in the labs of the CIA, or the Chinese military labs in Wuhhan, China. The gossip out there is that you are a biological weapon to be used as weapon of choice to regulate the number of the world population.

A- I am mysterious and I like to continue being mysterious. But I can share this with you. I am not an assassin of choice. I do not murder people voluntarily. Most people can be healed and not infected if they use the proper hygiene and the steps I outlined above. People (the infected ones) can be recovered if they follow the medical professionals’ prescribed treatment. Tighten your mask and approach me. I want to whisper something to you, I escaped their labs.

The fear you are experiencing is caused by the mismanagement of your own government and the sensational and irresponsible news outlets. Listen and reflect, I survive outside the human body for about 20 days. If your government orders you to stay at home for 20 days, I will disappear. Follow the orders, spray and disinfect everywhere I can possibly exist, and you will be able to force me out of your world in 20-30 days.

I am fortunate because most of you are ignorants and selfish. Your governments are corrupt and incompetent. So, if you are asking me why? Well, I came to your world to redirect you into the right path. You and the people in your human race have lost your moral compass. You have allowed evil to control your own behaviors and values. I came here to your world for a short while only to remind you all: be kind to each other. Be kind and compassionate. Serve one another with real genuine love and care. Care for the weak among you. The most vulnerable, the elderly and disabled.

So far, I have reunited your families. Cleaned your skies from all the pollution you caused into your beautiful world. Remember, I am the tiniest of tiny. I stopped your time and placed you within four walls. If you are not going to reflect now while you are isolated, when are you going to reflect and adjust? Repent, reflect and promise to be the best you can be in serving humanity.

Dr. Abe: Covid, I am speechless. You have educated me. Awakened me up. Enlightened me. Inspired me. You made me hopeful that the tiniest thing of the creation can regenerate our human spirit towards its spiritual meaning of compassion, love, care and humanity.

Thank you my dear readers for indulging my imaginative journey into the world of the uncertainty.

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Update 1, January 5, 2022: Since this article published, new variants have been discovered and named; namely, Mu, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Omicron.