Reinvent Yourself – Thinking Aloud

Reinvent Yourself – Thinking Aloud

In these uncertain times, we can’t be our usual selves anymore. We have to morph our status and who we are or were into what we could become. I am reinventing myself. And so, should you.

If a fortune-teller (never used them) had told me three months ago that in May of 2020, I will be on the frontline providing COVID-19 essential supplies to my community, I would have as usual smiled and shrugged it off. But, with these difficult times, we all had and have to adapt, adjust, and reinvent.

Although few months in the making, this month, I launched ANG Health USA, a Los Angeles based manufacturer direct COVID-19 essential supplies distribution company. Below are two of our products. I am offering only 7 products: FDA-approved Antiseptic and Rubbing Alcohol, Sanitizers, Gloves, FDA Compliant Masks, Touch and Non-Touch Thermometers and Pulse Oximeters.

Instead of change management, organizational behavior, emotional intelligence or emotional stupidity, my new jargon now are: shipping, receiving, invoicing, discount on account, supply-chain, container shipment, distribution channels, private label, specialty-retail, rack jobbers, storage facility, transporters, distribution discount, and wholesale to retail discounted products.

With my small operation, I can cover California, but have the ability to expand nationwide. If you are willing to reinvent yourself and want to serve your community, send me a DM.

Product 1: 70% Ethyl Rubbing Alcohol.

Product 2: Hand Sanitizer Antibacterial Gel

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