Staged Diversity: When And How

Staged Diversity: When and How

He turned to me, and said, “At …, we are very much embrace diversity. It is the core value of our culture.” His hand tightly squeezed my gloves-covered right hand. While his piercing eyes eagerly attempted to explore the instant reaction of my inner-core. Failed he, I hope. As a long time ago, I learned how to suppress my emotions and cultivate my behaviors. He can’t read me anymore. Excited to share my insights, I held back, as nothing impresses me anymore.

I knew he was lying. All these cultural stimuli he surrounded himself with are staged. Props of sort to appease his workers and please the members of his community and society.

To perfect his role in preserving the old culture, now, he cleverly controls the management of the status quo. A clever bastard-leader he is, indeed.

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