Let Us Reset the Time of Our Human Experience

Let us reset the time of our human experience

If you are like me and have reached a level of understanding of how our cultures were made, you will agree with me that for the sake of our humanity, we need to reset our time of evolution and development toward reenergizing our human experience.

In my graduate classes and leadership lectures, I passed the secret to my students and audience in which I am about to share with you: all of our societies’ formed groups, religions, social doctrines and cultures are man-made and were formed to create a sense of belonging, identity, and stability. So human-beings can reproduce, communicate and relate to each other.

As time progressed, these cultures sustained their existence through wars and isolation. While some cultures prospered, dominated, and succeeded to spread their belief systems, others ceased to exist, failed and were dominated and perished into the memory lane of the pages of history.

In our current modern time, as in the far past, we as human beings followed the same path as our varied ancestors did before us. We turned into the primitive, backward and uncivilized beings we once were before.

We regrouped ourselves into tribes and exclusive patriotism fighting and despising each other. Instead of loving each other as decent human beings sharing the same human experience, and uplifting each other up. We instead killed and fought each other for resources, greed and survival. The strong among us took advantage and subjugated the weak.

The members of each culture falsely believed they are better than the members of the other culture and acted upon it accordingly. From such false belief of superiority, the first ill of humanity came into being: Racism. Followed by Envy, Jealousy and Greed.

If we continue with this line of primitive thinking our human experience will continue to suffer. Therefore, here, I am proposing that we freeze what we learned from the past and reset our time to a new beginning based on loving each other, respecting and celebrating our differences.

To do that and successfully achieve our mission, we must advocate for this line of thinking each of us from her/his own corner, capacity and possibility.

Instead of hate, let us promote love.

Instead of superiority, let us promote inclusivity and diversity. Let us make celebrating our own culture and superior perception a gateway into understanding and celebrating others’ cultures and good cultural superior qualities.

As we celebrate our Own exclusive patriotism and nationalism, let us along that promote global appreciation and collaboration.

Let us understand each other and know one another, so our human experience is enriched and become enjoyable to live.

Serving one another

Image source: Mindscape