Introducing The Organization Guidance System, HR Pathway

The Organization Guidance System, HR Pathway

It is my great pleasure to shine a light on and introduce you to a new emerging HR pathway: The Organization Guidance System (OGS).

After 18 months of extensive research and hard work, the talented, Dave Ulrich, Norm Smallwood, and Alan Todd recently introduced to the business world their new HR marvel: The Organization Guidance System, HR Pathway.

In explaining the magic of this new trend, one of the talented trio and HR Guru, Dave Ulrich wrote, “We hope that this combination of digital and information will move analytics from descriptive scorecards, dashboards, and insights to prescriptive guidance that delivers results.”

Dave Ulrich as the Guru of HR, is confident that OGS “can provide real guidance about HR (and talent, leadership, and organization) that focuses on results from initiatives.”

I support this new trend and hereby I encourage you to read and learn more about OGS, HR Pathway. 

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