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Here Goes ‘Quibi’

Here Goes ‘Quibi’

Perhaps, I was one of the few people to inform you about the potential of Quibi, years before it was launched. In my article, “Here Comes Quibi,” I was elated of how Quibi may change the way we see movies.

Then, I wrote, “Quibi is a name you will remember for years to come. You will hold on it dearly in your pocket, and as needed you will turn to it and view the Hollywood movie or content of your choice in less than 10 minutes.”

So, what happened? Why had Quibi failed to achieve its potential as predicted?

Unfortunately, and sadly, it is the fault of its leaders. Hush, listen:

Jeffrey Katzenberg instead of leading his staff, he micro-managed them and the whole operation.

Instead of inspiring them, he hindered their progress.

Instead of encouraging them, he daunted them.

As smart as he is. In leading #Quibi, he failed to equip himself with the basic and most important of leadership’s principles: Trusting his staff.

Come on Dr. Abe, you can’t blame him for all. How about Meg Whitman? She is responsible too.

No. She was the staff.

Control the aspiration of your staff and you will have a Quibi on your hand.

Your vision ceases to belong to you after it manifests itself in public.

Here goes “Quibi”

Here Comes ‘Quibi’
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