Be A Compassionate One

My first post in 2021 is about Compassion. But, why?

Be A Compassionate Leader

If I learned anything from the drastic experience of 2020 is that life is too short and meaningless, unless we make it about serving others.

If you want to enjoy and have a happy 2021, from the beginning, make it about serving others. Take away, detract, carry away and remove yourself and the love of the I in you from the equation of dealing with others.

In dealing with your customers, consider adding value to their purchase and sales experience before thinking of how much profit you are going to make from them.

In dealing with your employees, consider how you can inspire them to improve themselves. And to make their working environment a healthy one. All that before thinking of how much effort they have to put while working (not for, but) with you to meet your company’s objectives.

In dealing with your students, create a learning environment where you are not a rigid teacher but a Mentor facilitating and enriching your students knowledge and learning experience. Be generous in granting an A grade. The A grade is for their hard efforts and class work. Only grant an A when they earn it. Otherwise, be greedy when granting a D and an F for those who do not perform. C will suffice and may take them a long way. They will remember you fondly when they grow older and become responsible and accountable. In health courses, give an F when deserved.

In dealing with your followers, inspire them to become “better” achievers than you are.

To answer the why in this post?

Empathy and kindness are great virtues and amazing characteristics you may practice and have. But, to truly connect, you have to be a compassionate one.

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