Falling In Love: A Compassionate True Love

Falling In Love: A Compassionate True Love

Falling In Love: A Compassionate True Love

Have you ever fallen in love? True love I mean. The type of love where you are totally consumed and fully occupied by the imaginary presence of the one you love.

It is where you see her/him in the beautiful things your eyes see.

It is when listening to the rhythm of her laugh makes your heart laughs.

It is when your heart sings and its beats are regulated in unison with her heart beats.

It is when you see her beauty without any makeup or touch ups.

It is the answer to the why when your heart races when you hear her voice or receive her text.

In a deeper note, it is when your sympathy to her turns into empathy. You feel her pain and joy.

It is when a just brief shy gaze in her eyes you see her deep inner beautiful soul.

It is when you become a Visionary and start thinking of building a future life together seeing her or him in their 90s with you holding hands and cuddling.

It is when your present days are inspired and brightened. And your future is full of optimism.

It is when you place their interests above yours.

It is when your intimacy with her is more than a lustful sexual act.

It is when your bond of affection to her turns into trust.

It is when you share with them your deep held secrets and they become your confidant.

It is when the I in you becomes We. We do this, we do that.

It is when you want to reach to her and hug her and constantly hold her hand and squeeze it tight.

It is when you want to spent time with them and around them.

It is when you welcome her into your comfort zone and enjoy her presence.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is what I call the Compassionate Love. It is a love where you dissolve into her love and become one.

It is when you voluntarily suspend your logical adult thinking and become a child-like again. It is like when you enter the Nirvana trance-like state.

It is a total surrender between two souls.

True compassionate love is a Change Agent. It modifies your status quo. It makes you see the betterment of now and the possibilities of tomorrow.

Have you experienced such love?

If she reciprocated, that is a total compassionate love. When consummated, it becomes a total passionate compassionate love.

If she/he doesn’t reciprocate, it is an infatuation, snap out of it and look for a real true love.

Affection Leading to Trust

About the Author:

Dr. Abraham Khoureis is Multi-talented Thought Leader who utilizes his research and writing in advocating for positive social change. He is a University Professor who teaches MBA graduate courses of Management and Organizational Behavior, Leading Teams and Individuals, and Organization Theory.