It is time to say goodbye

It time to say goodbye

So long

On these social media networks we get connected with people from all walks of life. Some of the people we connected with, we knew on a personal level. Others, we get acquainted with due to a mutual interest.

With some people, we build a special bond; with others unfortunately, due to inactivities, we broke the good bond we once had.

It reached a point that we have to say goodbye. If you are within my network (virtually or in-person) and we can’t interact, what is the point!? We connected to learn from each other and our mutual respectful interaction is one of them.

I dislike it for me or for you to receive or send a DM and receive no response. There is a limit to everything. Truly, it could be we have outgrown each other. It is time to say goodbye. If you notice that we are “not connected” after we were, the primary reason we disconnected is because you were ill-mannered or busy and didn’t reply to previous attempts to reach you. You may reach again, or follow. For now, it is time to say goodbye. So long.

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