The Doctor and the Princess

The Doctor and the Princess is a pure story of tender, love and care.

It all started when their souls started to sing. Where she represented the angelic spirit he had met and missed from a previous life that can never end. He represented an innocent spirit, with her loving whisper she can uplift and mend.

Lonely he was and she earnestly filled the gap. She opened his heart to a new reality: a life of promise and hope officiating a new trend.

In private, he whispered to God and next to God there was she. There, she is an Angel with a big heart and a gentle mighty hand.

When their souls and spirits intertwined, all languages are silenced. Only, the language of the higher source is exchanged. Her heartbeats miles and miles away are heard by him as if they were residents of the same land.

He is the Doctor, but she is the healer of his wound.

The purity and beauty of it all, athough her heart is close; she belonged to another heart and soul.

The Doctor and the Princess is a pure
story of love, tender and care

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