Donate your hair, I did.

Donate your hair, I did.

This morning was the beginning of a blessed day, I have a new look. I shaved my hair bald, and donated it. My sister Kadi also shaved and donated her hair, too.

Yes, we did. But, why?

Thank you for your kindness, Kadi

Along donating your money, blood, and belongings, you may also donate your hair. Natural hair is the most needed item when wigs are made to help people with cancer. As kids and adults go through chemotherapy, hair loss occurs. The need for a wig becomes a must. Your donated hair is used to supplement such need. There are several non-profit organizations that may accept your donated hair (regardless of length) for this purpose. Google them for the non-profit agency of your choice.

In the mean time, “to remain wealthy, stay healthy.”

With Kadi
Dr. Abe Khoureis

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