The secrets of success

The secrets of success

Today I had a pleasant hard working day. Another container was shipped to the deserving community.

Giving is your worldly ticket into a heavenly salvation

I really hope my efforts are saving lives in these difficult times. Adam was gracious enough to extend a helping hand. He enjoyed jumping around the boxes :).

The secrets to my success are gratitude and hard work.

How do I do it?

1) On a daily basis I am thankful to what I have. Each morning I make it a point to directly thank God for His mercy and compassion toward me, family, loved ones and friends.

2) When I set my goals I work hard toward achieving them. Persistency, dedication, preparation, and ‘innovation of thinking’ are always employed. At the end, goals are achieved.

3) I don’t follow the business and traditional norms of society. They will drag you down and make you lack behind. Be different. Be unique. Be creative and innovative.

4) Do the work yourself, so you know how and to whom you delegate responsibility.

5) Don’t accept the role others assign to you.

6) Make your success a prelude to the success of others.

7) Appreciate the good people in your life.


  • Your best boss is YOU.
  • Opportunities will come, you just have to create them.
  • Life is how you make it.