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Don’t expect me to say yes.

To be trapped in an organization where the leadership wants you to say yes and doesn’t understand the value of your authentic and passionate feedback really hurts and demotivate. The organization you cared to promote becomes a strange place. The feeling of being unwelcome overcome your passion to contribute and educate. You become a silent majority with a ‘who cares’ attitude. Many thoughts could easily enter your enlightened mind: am I blacklisted? How come I am receiving no new projects? And what happened to the promotion I was promised? Or that inclusion I was assured of? It seems, it was all a lip service. Zero engagement equals a temporary hype.

While you are being silenced and ignored, your enlightened mind narrows because it is slowly filled with negative thoughts and questions of what if, and why is that? Leadership sets the tone and these behaviors are a bad trend. Surely, the organization’s initiative will fail and stagnate after all it was by you how they got inspired.

In the meantime, pray that your livelihood doesn’t depend on such leaders. And be honored the leaders you deal with are class, sure of themselves, and well-admired.

Declare: I promise to treat my people with dignity and respect. If you are reading this, kindly, promise yourself to do the same as how you treat others will last forever. Especially, after you leave your seat of power. Yes, the seat of power that corrupts.

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