An Awesome Treat

An Awesome Treat

by: Abraham Khoureis, Ph.D., M.A.

It was an awesome treat teaching the first graduate course in the Master of Science in Organizational Leadership (MS-OL) at the University of Redlands, Burbank Campus. I call it a treat because it surely was.

In the course, Leading Individuals and Teams (MGMT-634), I met a promising and inspiring group of students who are eager to become the future leaders of their organizations.

You see, MGMT-634 is a course of several in the MS-OL program, which the leadership of the school of business introduced this year to students who are interested in becoming purposeful leaders in their organizations.

In MGMT-634 alone, the students learned about the difference between teams and groups; team dynamics; servant leadership; transformational leadership; charismatic leadership; how a culture is formed; team leadership; virtual teams; diversity; motivation; personality; emotional intelligence; perception; traits; managing conflicts; ethics negotiation; measuring performance; the steps to develop into authentic, mindful and ethical leaders; the soft skills needed for the 21st Century, and much more.

As much as I appreciate the leadership of the business school for introducing this MS-OL program, I recommend it to my network, family, friends, and followers. To enroll, contact University of

Redlands at: (909) 793-2121.

With the purposeful leaders of tomorrow: Ty, Maria, Sue, Erik, and Robina.

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