Why I charge $1,500.00 per hour?

Why I charge $1500.00 per hour?

Why I charge $1,500.00 per hour?

One of the many blessings I have in my career is my mentoring of great prosperous leaders in their fields. Entering and serving this B-Club was of no sheer luck, but hard work, resiliency and no non-sense approach. Last Friday I signed another contract with $1,500.00 per hour. Yes, you read it right. My partner in crime signed the contract with no questions asked. It seems he knows (since he is smart enough to know) that he is receiving a great deal.

But why $1,500.00 per hour while the going consulting fee is less or more than that?

Background: For over 15 years and on many occasions I have volunteered my time (for free or lesser fees) serving and mentoring my students, members of my business community, friends and family members with their life, academic and professional growth needs. Simply, I am at a stage in my career in which I am able to enhance and sail good ideas to become greater toward excellence.

My talented leaders clients in their own rights know they may not need more than few hours tweaking an idea here and enhancing it there. So, spending a “deductible expense” for few hours a week is worth the cost.

Secret Revealed: Unknown to my leaders clients, I charged them this reasonably priced fee not for their time with me, which is a flattering statement; but for me to spend the time learning from them. The secret: These talented leaders are compensating me as I learn from them. To me, their hourly rate is worth a modest $1,500.00 per hour.


About the author: Dr. Abraham Khoureis is a multi-talented thought leader who uses his writing for positive social change.