Creating The Compassionate Organization

The Compassionate Leadership

Creating the Compassionate Organization

The Compassionate Leadership is a new approach in creating a structured organization for a civilized world.

To be civil, we have to behave with others in a civilized manner. Think about it. Most of us pride ourselves in living in a “First World” advanced societies. Abundance are all over us. Latest emerging technological trends beat each other on the display
table for our usage pleasure. Anything we might dream of, we could possibly achieve. In what we collectively gained in technological advances, we lacked in human interaction and kindness to and with each other.

Family, society and organization operate in a similar way: To instill the values of the few on many.

Currently, through our organizations’ values, we concur, dominate, compete, and win. Sometimes, we lose. But, the dominant traditional norm of our current organization is in order for us to win we have to maximize the profit shares of the organization’s investors and stakeholders, regardless of who is harmed and at what cost.

In envisioning the Compassionate Organization Model, I propose in the structure stage of the forming of the organization that we consider the equal benefits of the organization’s four components: shareholders, leadership, employees and customers.

To create harmony among these four components, we have to promote civility and behave according to it. Historically, societal civility was reached when compassionate approach was implemented. To successfully implement compassionate practices in new organizations we have to be genuine and authentic.

In the proposed compassionate organization, we do not compete, we collaborate.

We do not punish and demote our employees, we reward them and retrain them.

We do not demean our employees and take credit for their hard work, we respect them and give them credit when due.

Developing The Civilized Compassionate Organization

During the structure stage of developing new organizations the implementation of compassionate behaviors are cemented as the core values of these organization. The selected people who come from different backgrounds, cultures are oriented and trained to function and behave compassionately with each other, with leadership, shareholders, and customers.

Conducting ourselves compassionately within the organizational setting must become the organization’s dominating culture and practiced traditional norms.

Organizations are like families. Leadership are the parents. Investors are the in-laws. Employees are the children, and customers are the friendly neighbors.

With the compassionate approach, our organizations grow. Our investors prosper, our employees thrive, our customers are mutually satisfied, and our leadership is admired.

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