The Secret of Becoming a Beautiful Woman

The Secret of Becoming a Beautiful Woman

Source: Women World

They say, “beauty is the eye of the beholder,” and they may be right. Yet, humbly, l found the secret of what makes a woman beautiful.

A beautiful woman is not of how much makeup she has on, or wealth she owns. It is not what leadership responsibility and position she has attained, or social status she was born into or acquired. A woman’s beauty is self-enhanced and found deep down within the reach of her soul.

The beauty of a woman is not her pretty eyes, long hair, elegant dress, deer shaped long legs, silicon filled lips, large breasts, or curved hips. It is the beauty of what she sees in these eyes. It is the words she utters from those lips. It is the journey she travels on those long curved legs.

The beauty of a woman rests in her merciful heart. Wise mind and kind, compassionate soul.

A leader woman who has this beauty rules the world from the palm of her hand.

I admire that you are that woman.