Peter Drucker, The Myth, The Man – An Inspiring Conversation

Here you have it.

It is my great honor and pleasure to invite you to join us during this year’s thought leader conversation of the year, Peter Drucker, The Myth, The Man.

Backstory: Back in 1971, Drucker helped establish the 1st Executive MBA program in the nation at Claremont Graduate University (CGU). 52 years later, Dr. Len Jessup, President of Claremont Graduate University will share with us what transcribed in these years. Then, he will join our esteemed panel of thought leaders in a conversation about the future of education in line with Peter Drucker’s philosophy.


Dr. Len Jessup, President of Claremont Graduate University.

Krista Newkirk, President of University of Redlands

Dave Ulrich, Father of Our Modern HR, Guru of Management.

Bruce Rosenstein, Author, Managing Editor of Leader to Leader.

Karen Linkletter, Author.

Abraham Khoureis, Author, Symposium Moderator.

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