Our present is only a moment of time to remember

Our present is only a moment of time to remember.

The present is so brief that it passes us as we enter into it. There is no memorable Present. There is a past and there is a future. What we call a “present” is in reality just a transition into a “moment of time to remember”.

Let us test it.

The word Present is comprised of seven letters: P R E S E N T. As you utter the first letter of the word Present, “P”, the letter P becomes part of your past, and the letter R becomes your present. Utter R, and R enters into your past, and the letter E becomes your present, and so on. In reality, your present is a just a moment of time. You can hardly calculate it, because it passes very fast in front of our eyes.

So, how do we make the most of our time, especially, this moment that represents our Present?

By preparing and planning our past, an act that my lead to our prosperous future. The idea is not to dwell on the past, which I am not in support of, but to prepare for it, plan it, and predict it as you live it. Simply, make the most of your future, by planning your past within this moment we call “Present”.

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