The human race: a brief overview

The human race: a brief overview

Most of us take for granted the gift of life that God has bestowed upon us by making us one of His remarkable creation: the human being. Imagine if, as the evolutionary theorists advocate that you were created as a monkey, a pig, a mouse, a fly, a donkey, or, just an animal roaming the desert, or exploring the sea. But, we know better. We were selected and made into these beautiful human beings. With the purpose of knowing one another and loving each other, with the option of choice, our “own choice”.

This human creation differed from other creations by having the voluntary command of choice.

Some of the old narrative traditions tell us that when God created His amazing creation Adam, He called on the Angels and asked them to bow before him in a sign of respect to this new creation. Adam became the Almighty’s perfect creation. A precise creature as the Universe he lived within. The only difference: everything in this Universe bowed to the Almighty by default, except Adam who has the option of choice of “when to bow, or not to bow.” And so does the history of man continues.

By exercising this option of choice, we loved each other. And we hated each other. We despised one another, and embraced one another. And with time, we created our own human experience forgetting the original gift of life that we received when we entered into this life.

Lesson learned from this thought: appreciate every moment of this life, and by choice find another human being regardless of race or creed and embrace her/him as a thankful sign of you being alive on this earth.

– At work treat your employees well and with mutual respect.

– At home treat your family members well and with respect. If your mother still alive (with you at home or in a convalescent home) make sure you treat her with the respect she deserves. And don’t forget to appreciate the presence of your Dad.

– In society in general, respect the gift of your life by respecting the life of others.

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