To wish them, or, not to wish them, wish them anyway … let us be humans again

To wish them, or, not to wish them, wish them anyway … let us be humans again.

On LinkedIn, every now and then, I receive notification such as, “Wish Brian L… a happy birthday,” or, “Congratulate Heidi T… on her five years work anniversary, and so on. LinkedIn algorithm has mastered the art of reminding us to be humans again and get in touch as humanly as possible with this friend, that acquaintance, or, this beautiful human being who we know nothing about, except that he/she wants to join our social media network, and follow us. As a common human interaction, and just out of decency, courtesy and often stupidity, we accept them and they become part of our circle, professional life, and within our network.

I understand and have interacted with friends and acquaintances, but in the later situation of someone we know a little about, but already is within our network, the inquiry becomes, do we wish her/him a happy birthday, or congratulate her on a job anniversary as prompted and invited by Jeff Weiner and his LinkedIn professional cohorts? Or, do you ignore it?

In the past, when I was reminded, I felt obliged to wish them well, but I didn’t know if they would receive my wish in its good spirit, just a sincere greeting; or, they will add their own flavor to it and understand it in their own way. So, I ignored it!

I always felt greeting others is the most common, and decent human things to do. At times, I never followed through. Only recently, I don’t mind it anymore. My rule now: when reminded by LinkedIn I am going to wish you a happy birthday; congratulate you on your five years work anniversary; and celebrate with you that book you just published. I promise you, as my time permits, and when reminded, I will annoy you with my greetings, so you better tolerate my indulgence.

So, if the question: to wish them, or, not to wish them, wish them anyway. Let us be humans again.

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