The Art of Survival

The Art of Survival

By: Abraham Khoureis, Ph.D.

Since the beginning of time, the need to survive was a necessary skill to acquire, perfect, and live by. Since then, leaders of the previous civilizations, including our current one, have mastered this art and honed its application in their societies to an enviable state of perfection.

Perfecting this skill did not come on a gold-platter, but at a cost of our human dignity, rights, privileges, and freedom.

As in other acquired skills, the prerequisite to perfect the art of survival required that we practice its prerequisites such as: the arts of deception, manipulation, seduction, make believe liberation; leading to the leaders’ ultimate goal of complete (imposed) sedation.

In order to survive, today’s leaders (skillfully as medical doctors) have to sedate their followers. Political leaders use nationalism, patriotism, and love of country as tools to manipulate and sedate the mental state of their followers (citizens); while the religious leaders utilize the beautiful message of God to sedate their followers into full submission.

In the corporate world, there is no exception. The art of survival leading to a full followers’ sedation is completely applied, and is fully functional. Instead of using nationalism, or the joy of the life after as tools to sedate their followers, corporate leaders utilize the opportunity of employment, high salary, bonuses, and benefits as an efficient tool of sedating and slaving their followers into full submission.

This art of sedation took and is taking different forms of administration using the prerequisite arts as described above. Unfortunately, we live in an unfair world, which is in order to survive, you have to sedate.

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