Loving One Another Is a Heavenly Maundy

Loving One Another Is a Heavenly Maundy

By: Abraham Khoureis, Ph.D.

Washing the feet of his 12 disciples was Jesus’s mark on our humanity. In his humility, he defined our role in leading and devised our plan of action of how to serve: leading others while serving them.

In his heavenly maundy (mandate) to love and serve each other, Jesus shared with us that in humility we grow. In humbleness, we prosper; and in serving others, we free ourselves.

In his humility, Jesus, the leader, the Master humbled himself by serving others, thus, eliminating the mere thought of any imposed, or voluntary slavery. In Jesus’s world, leaders lead by serving their followers.

In yesterday’s past, our ancestors (on both sides) abolished slavery by having one of us in a position of power. And we can do that today. The ills of the world are many, and it takes leaders who follow the “true” teaching of Jesus to solve them.

In loving one another we defeat hate. And in serving one another we defeat the “I, myself, and only me” in us.

How can you help?

I am not asking you to wash the feet of your followers, although you should.

In his day, we have to rise to the potential of our humanity. We have to love and serve others regardless of who they are.

He has Risen. Have you?

Happy Easter!