Finding God at the Griffith Park Observatory

Finding God at the Griffith Park Observatory

By: Abraham Khoureis, Ph.D., M.A.

It all started during my visit to the Griffith Park Planetarium Show, and especially, while touring the solar system exhibit display area. There above, in the ceiling “magnificently” our solar system was hangged in an organized display worthy of a creator.

I turned to the tour Guide on duty, a charming young scientist in her mid-thirty, full of life, who a bit earlier had showered her confidence on the people in attendance by arrogantly denying the existence of God by claiming the Universe was created by “itself” 13.8 billion years ago.

In a smiling tone with a purpose, I truthfully admired the display. I told the young scientist of how amazed I am with this solar system display and how amazing that it was organized by itself without any maker or designer. In a surprised reply, she said, “no, no, our team of engineers and display professionals have put it all together.” Without any hesitation, I rejected her assertion. I told her, “I cannot believe you.” She read my eyes. She smiled, and brightly understood. With the same confidence she replied that what she meant earlier was that she has not found God, and that she needed to see Him to believe in Him.

How I wished at that moment to touch her heart and to tell her: not everything we do not see does not exist. Microbes and viruses are all over us. True we do not see them, but that does not mean they do not exist; they are here, there, and everywhere. So, with pain — we feel it, but, we cannot see how it looks like. It is necessary for us to use special instruments and tools to see the microbes and viruses surrounding us. In finding and seeing the Creator of this remarkable Universe we on a daily basis have to use special, but simple tools (prayers) that can transcend us from our material world and into a spiritual world that most scientists and atheists are not equipped and trained to ride on such spiritual journey.

Truth be told, witnessing the display of our solar system at the Griffith Park added and confirmed my belief in the existence of a Creator of this Universe.

It just makes no sense to assert that a display of our solar system in a make-believe world to have a Creator, while denying the real and precise Solar System of having One. Mind bugling!

I hope you know better. Because I do.

About the Author:

Dr. Abraham Khoureis is a “Believer-Humanist” who utilizes his writing to call on social reform and change.

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