Rotten Souls

Rotten Souls

By: Abraham Khoureis, Ph.D., M.A.

Morally corrupt leaders are present in every facet of our existence and exist in every circle of our lives. We smell and see their rotten souls at the helm of our organization; in the presidency chair of our nation; as decision-makers of our tribes; and preachers at our own houses of worships.

Corruption is an illness with limitless reach and side effects. When practiced in any organization, society or nation, we immediately witness its negative effects prosper in all aspects of that organization, society or nation.

Corruption limits economic growth and progress. It deprives democracy of its tenets of freedom of choice and equal rights. Bribery racketeering, name calling, blaming others and deception become the norms of conducting business affairs, limiting innovation, transformation and societal growth and advancement.

Corruption when practiced and implemented produces unfortunate and unpleasant business and political environments. The followers of such corrupt leadership may exhibit behavioral disloyalty, untrustworthiness, treachery and deception as we recently witnessed within the inner-leadership of our current government and other corrupt governments worldwide.

Corruption takes away our sense of being better. In supporting corruption, our integrity suffers. It makes us just like them: our leaders are corrupt and, so we are. We got the feeling that we are not better than them. Corruption takes away our “democratic equal rights” and it makes us equal in protecting the leadership’s right to maintain its entitlement to corruption.

Corruption takes away and fades our integrity, dignity and pride to oblivion.

In a religious sense, traditionally, corruption represented “evil” while people who advocated for healthy and fair “democratic” governments and fought corruption represented “good”. Yet, a new trend has emerged: the line between “good” and “evil” was erased.

In today’s society (and against God’s own commandments), we witness the religious establishment supports corruption and protects the leadership that practice it; as itself became corrupt.

With corruption, comes fear.

With corruption, racism used as a weapon of choice.

With corruption, narcissism takes its own hold on our leaders.

With corruption, the leadership incompetency is exhibited, and we clap for it.

With corruption, egotistic leadership advocates for the WE in us, and solely rips the benefits.

With corruption, comes ignorance.

With corruption, comes arrogance.

With corruption, emotional stupidity becomes the norm.

With corruption, misogynist leaders thrive.

With corruption, male chauvinism prospers.

With corruption, female/male sexual harassment becomes the unwritten law of the land.

With corruption, sexism is alive.

With corruption, the meaning changes, “evil” becomes good and “good” becomes evil.

With corruption, the corrupt leader is like a rotten apple, she or he will corrupt the nation.

With corruption, split personality emerges. Our identity and value are locked away.

With corruption, doom and failure are upon us.

Rotten souls are all over us. Today, a kleptocratic leadership leads and governs us.

About the Author:

Dr. Abraham Khoureis is a “Faithful Humanist” who utilizes his writing to advocate for social change.

PS: A Faithful Humanist is someone who believes in the wisdom of G-od and the ability, dignity, integrity, civility, and humanitarian essence of Its Creation the human-being.