Book Review: Make It Rain

Book Review: Make It Rain

by Abraham Khoureis, Ph.D., M.A.

I just finished reading Areva Martin‘s recently published book, “Make It Rain.” It was a joy reading her book and sensing the passion of how she prosed her words to her readers.

This book is an essential read to anyone interested in improving their personal or professional brand while utilizing the media. In presenting her book, Areva was generous in sharing her knowledge and revealing her information. Make It Rain is the blueprint of how to brand yourself and revolutionize your business. Areva shares with us how to brand ourselves aided by her own experiences and the researched experiences of successful others. By composing Make It Rain, Areva wanted her audience to engage and succeed. She practices what she preached. If you have an audience and you need to reach that audience, Make It Rain is a must guide for you.

As an Advocate for people with Disabilities, Areva knows the power of equal access. In utilizing her personal brand approach as discussed in her book, your newly established personal brand will allow you “later” to break the barriers equally to other fields, markets and brands.

The end result, Make It Rain will help you create your own opportunities and will help reinforce your ability to be the Rainmaker of your own journey.