Let Us Defeat Hate With Love

Let Us Defeat Hate With Love

One of the walls of my private office is graced with a large picture frame of the late Martin Luther King, Jr.; written on that picture is the following quote:

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

Although I knew the value of this quote all along. Only few days ago I realized its impact, influence, and relevance.

The world in which the late Martin Luther King, Jr. lived was a violent and a racist world. But, through the prism of its darkness, despair, racism and hate, optimistically, he saw the promised land.

Martin Luther’s message of love to confront hate is so applicable in our own convoluted world today.

Hate is all over us

Only a misguided soul cannot see, feel, sense, smell and experience the hatred our fellow citizens experience and practice toward each other.

To Martin Luther, “hate begets hate.” And, love begets love.

In the absence of a viable leadership role model to unite the nation and heal the wounds of the citizens, it becomes incumbent upon all of us to extend our love to the people who learned to hate us, perhaps then, only then the message of love can defeat hate.

Let us defeat hate with love. If your fellow citizen professes their hate toward you, reciprocate with love and care. Only then perhaps we can defeat hate with love.

About the Author: 

Dr. Abraham Khoureis is a #believer in the #betterment of #society through the #collective #efforts of its #people. He is a multi- talented thought leader who utilizes his influence, research and writing for positive social change. A #Disability Rights #Advocate.

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