The value of my vote

The value of my vote

by Abraham Khoureis, Ph.D., M.A.

“Dear Dr. Abraham,

President Trump texted you. Twice.

I emailed you. Twice.

Paul Ryan emailed. Twice.

Steve Scalise emailed you. Twice.

Now, I’m emailing you for the third and final time.

I’m counting on your help to defeat the radical left and protect our Conservative majority.

This is about protecting our future, our children’s future, and our nation’s future.

Thank you,

Devin Nunes“

I whispered to myself, “President Trump, Paul Ryan, and Steve Scalise I am aware of who they are, but who is Devin Nunes? Especially, he is talking about my children’s future.”

It turned out that he is a Republican member of the House of Representatives (California), and the Chairperson of the respected, The Intelligence House Committee.

A big deal of sort.

And then, I asked myself again, “with such capacity, how come he didn’t know I no longer subscribe to his “current” philosophy and political agenda of how to protect the future of my children?”

My vote has a value and I am aware of it! Would I give my vote to him and the Republican Party? Or, even to the Democratic Party? Today, I will tell.

My children ought to live in their America, the land of the free. Free of any fear and harassment.

Free to express who they are without being afraid their government will stigmatize them because they are the descendants of the children of Abraham. Or, the children of the Apes.

Free to proudly associate their background with any race, religion, social orientation without being singled out and stereotyped by their fellow citizens at the behest of their federal and local governments.

Yes, my vote has a value; and if exercised freely, precisely and wisely, may lead to the electing of dignified leaders that may ‘truly’ make America great again.

So, to Representative Devin Nunes, respectfully, no thanks, but, thank you. My vote has a value and I am aware of it.

Try again.