Don’t be afraid, be unique

Don’t be afraid, be unique

by Abraham Khoureis, Ph.D., M.A.

Every now and then in my seminars, I am asked, what is the best advice I can share with someone? Without looking into my bag of quotes I have written over the years, one particular advice jumps out:

‘Don’t be afraid, be unique.’

We all have individual differences and characteristics.

To stagnate yourself and become a slave to your surrounding, conform to the ways of the others and feel miserable on the inside.

However, to proposer, and feel happy, differentiate yourself by being yourself. Celebrate who you are. And let the others appreciate or despise that uniqueness you have.

You do not have to be liked or loved by everyone else to get acceptance. If they accept you, fine, it is their win. If they don’t, fine, it is their loss.

They are different, and, so you are.

Free yourself. Don’t be afraid, be unique.