The TripAdvisor event was awesome

The TripAdvisor event was awesome

by Abraham Khoureis, Ph.D., M.A.

#Kudos to the #leadership of the University of Redlands School of Business for developing the 21st Century Leadership Speaker series, in which a group of #influencers (one at a time) shares the lessons he or she learned while #leading his or her #organization.

My MBA students and I had the opportunity to attend one of the events in the series: TripAdvisor And the Rise of Consumer-Driven #Travel. It was hosted by Dean Tom Horan, with his guest, TripAdvisor #CEO, Steve Kaufer.

The event was supported by a classy and a dedicated team of people who made the event a success. #Kudos to all.

According to the U of R’s website, the series is a part of Dean Horan’s “strategic approach to advancing the school’s mission” in order “to enhance student-centeredness and success”.

The talk was beneficial and helpful to the audience collectively. As a teacher, I am pleased. And I am certain my students have benefited from it too. Dr. Horan as a host and Mr. Kaufer as a guest were gracious.

It was great seeing Dr. G. Keith Roberts, Pamela, Sean, Sue, Heather, and the many nameless others.

It was also great meeting the talented Katie Olson.

To read her report on this event, click here

With Ms. Katie Olson

With my MGMT 631 MBA students / partners.

Dean Horan and Mr. Kaufer. Photo by: Abraham Khoureis

Dr. Horan’s introduction of Mr. KauferWith Ms. Diana – My 2018-2019 Mentee in the Mentorship Program.

Dr. Horan addresses the importance of U of R’s 21st Century Business Skills. Photo by: Abraham Khoureis

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