SAG-AFTRA Franchise – Affiliation

SAG-AFTRA Franchise – Affiliation

by Abraham Khoureis, Ph.D., M.A.

Thank you to the wonderful people at SAG-AFTRA for this prestigious and honorable affiliation.

Although AMK Hollywood has been a SAG franchised talent agency since 2011, the recent affiliation with AFTRA solidified this professional relationship.

What does this affiliation mean to our Talent?

For the last nine years, the majority of our Artists were SAG affiliated, and at occasions, AFTRA exclusive affiliated talent showed interest in joining AMK Hollywood to represent them. Now, with this double and separate affiliation from a joint-one SAG-AFTRA union, AMK Hollywood officially and humbly can serve its SAG & AFTRA affiliated professional artists in the entertainment fields of film and television.

Congratulations AMK Hollywood Talent Agency, and thank you SCREEN ACTORS GUILD, INC. / SAG-AFTRA for this honor and wonderful opportunity to serve others.

I am #grateful.



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