To conform, suspend your judgement

To conform, suspend your judgement

by Abraham Khoureis, Ph.D., M.A.

To master the art of suspending our judgment, which is a very difficult act to do, we need to understand, when perfected, the sky is the limit to our success and access.

Conforming to the rules and regulations of the status quo is a frustrating act but at times is necessary. The side effects of conformity “conforming” when is taken seriously may express an extreme psychological behavior, which may create a double personality syndrome when involuntarily we become someone and act like someone that we are not.

What is the possible solution?

Whenever we have to suspend our judgement (provide an impartial feedback), or to conform (blend with the masses and become one of the guys or gals), we may have to pretend and act the part. But, be cautious, exercising this behavior may end us becoming hypocrite and we may repeatedly exhibit this hypocritical behavior in other social transactions and environments. Hypocrisy is not a pleasant behavior to cultivate and possess.

So, what is really the real solution?

My recommendations are as follow:

be your true self.

be genuine.

be purposeful.

be transparent. 

be authentic.

be mindful.

be empathetic, and,

be compassionate.

Practice purposeful leadership, with a touch of mindfulness and compassion and you will automatically conform. Our judgment by default will suspend itself because we become a source of strength for others to conform to our own intentionally molded compassionate status quo and environment.


About the Author: Dr. Abraham Khoureis teaches a University MBA courses in Organizational Behavior and Leading Individuals and Teams. He is a sought after Leadership and Management Expert and Mentor.