Mentor of the year – the reason I almost teared up

Mentor of the year – the reason I almost teared up

by Abraham Khoureis, Ph.D., M.A.

Yesterday, I was recognized by the respected University of Redlands School of Business as its “Mentor of the Year”. In my short speech receiving the award, I almost teared up.

My colleagues in attendance had no idea of the “personal trials” I went through to reach this proud moment of standing before them as U of R’s 2018-2019 Mentor of the Year.

What I gained from this experience:

– Serving others has its own rewards. When we genuinely serve others and expect nothing in return, we will be rewarded by the same people we served.

– As we sincerely shine the light on others, in turn, they gladly reflect the same light on us.

– The best way to thank my former Mentors is to serve others.

– The best way my Mentees may thank me is for them to serve others.

– Personal trials are meant to teach us and inspire us.

– It is okay to be vulnerable.

Thank you to the leadership of the University of Redlands, to my fellow Mentors, and to my 2018-2019 Mentee Ms. Diana.

I am honored!