Lunch with the Dean – Exploring Purposeful Leadership

Lunch with the Dean – Exploring Purposeful Leadership

What could have been a simple appreciative lunch meeting for being the 2018-2019 Mentor of the Year, ended up a great conversation about many education topics of interest; namely, the new emerging trend of the #purposeful #leadership. The place of the meeting was elegant with beautiful décor, a pleasant relaxed ambience, and a delightful choices of delicious food. After the initial greetings, we ordered. Shortly, the food arrived. By then, we immersed in the conversation that the delicious food became a complementary to the items on the table and part of the ambience. We ended up not eating much but left the restaurant full.

Dean Tom Horan is a gracious host and a sincere, down to earth gentleman. Thank you to the University of Redlands School of Business for the honor of Mentor of the Year Recognition and thank you Dr. Horan for your precious time, great conversation, lunch, and company.

About #PurposefulLeadership:

In his own words, “Purposeful leadership addresses the critical role leaders play in ensuring that organizations deliver value to customers in an effective, data-driven, meaningful, ethical, and socially responsible manner” (Horan, 2019).

To inquire more about Dean Horan and his Purposeful Leadership Initiative visit Dean HoranWith Dean Horan during the 2018-2019 Faculty Conference