Influence of the Seat of Power

A conversation with an intentionally deaf seat of power

Ahhh, if you knew how much your influence degraded our humanity and corrupted our spirituality just to protect your name and honor you, we had and have to respect the immoral, kleptocratic and criminal ones who occupied you.

Just for your sake, we hid the truth, covered and applauded the criminal acts of whomever rode you.

In your name, the innocents were slaughtered, imprisoned and enslaved.

In your name, resources were stolen and blundered. To protect you, after witnessing these crimes, we turned the other way and applauded the ones who occupied you. We called him Sir, we called her Ma’am. We called him King, Your Highness, Your Majesty, and, seductively in a slave pose we called her Queen and Her Majesty. Mr. President is your preferred title. Your seat of power has no limit, and no limited geographical location. You occupy East and West, North and South.

Your influence paralyzed our ability, silenced our voice and corrupted our morality but our free spirit forever will reject and forever refuse to honor and respect the evil ones who inhabited you while raping you.